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Church Sound System Packages


Audio Equipment


Houses of worship pose unique audio challenges. At Twist Technology we design high power sound systems that blend with the architecture of your church, providing amazing sound while minimizing the visual impact. These systems are based on technology that allows for pinpoint accurate sound, providing excellent coverage even in the most challenging spaces. Also offered are the latest in mixing consoles and production equipment. Twist's experience in church audio design and installation is world-class and spans more than 30 years on six continents.


Church Video Systems


Video projection or multi-screen flat TV systems are a great way to provide highly interactive services. Choirs and congregations can sing along with on-screen lyrics. Current technology allows church projection systems to be mounted in a wide variety of configurations and from practically any distance. Today's super-bright projectors can help overcome challenging ambient light environments, enabling high quality video in areas that were previously impossible. These new projectors also connect to the Internet and regularly email status updates about bulbs and filters, simplifying maintenance and minimizing downtime. Twist Technology uses only equipment from leading industry manufacturers with proven track records. The end result is an installation that is both visually stunning and highly reliable.

Large LED screens and digital signage are other popular product offerings. LED signs are a great way to capture your audience's attention to let them know about upcoming services. Digital signage systems are also useful for office directories and informational kiosks to keep the congregation apprised of changes and events.


Lighting Systems and Automation



Twist provides automation and lighting systems that can control every light from any switch in the building. The system presets might include Day, Night, Building On, and Building Off. Church lighting systems are ideal for creating ambiance and conserving energy. Control shades, thermostats, pumps or fountains based on the time of day, the time of year, and outside temperature. Start generators automatically if power is lost. Provide extra security with light pattern mimicking, creating the look of occupancy when the building is empty. Eliminate the need for long banks of switches by consolidating them into one stylish keypad. Monitor all systems easily from one room, multiple points in the building, or even offsite from a smartphone or tablet.



Camera Systems



Twist provides two different types of camera systems for churches and other houses of worship. The first camera system is focused on recording worship services. These systems can stream video and audio of a service live over the Internet, conveying the message to a larger audience; including disabled members of the congregation. These systems can also be set to record each service for later reference.

The second type of camera system is focused on surveillance and security. These cameras can record 24/7 and store the information in the building or offsite for added security. These systems can be controlled and viewed on any screen inside the building or securely offsite.



Access Control



Door and gate access is controlled with a wireless keycard system. Easily limit access of individual key cards by day, time, and different levels of staff and volunteers.



Room Scheduling



Centralized room scheduling systems allow church staff and authorized volunteers to reserve rooms for different functions. These systems can be operated and scheduling can be handled by an administrator or online by any authorized person. Small display screens can be located outside each room in the building. The availability of each room is displayed on each screen, simplifying room management.







As with our home automation systems, simple control is a top priority of any Twist-designed house of worship system. A range of control options are available from simple buttons to custom programmed touch screens. Our automation products include CrestronControl4, Vantage, and Universal Remote Control.

















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