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Home Theater Installation and Home Automation



Let the experts at Twist Technology simplify your life. We design home audio, video, lighting and control systems that make your home more convenient and comfortable.

We know your time is valuable so our commitment to our clients is to make the design and installation process just as easy as our systems are to operate.

A Twist home automation system allows you to control just about anything electronic in your home. And our systems are designed to grow with you and your needs. So, you can start small (and affordably) and add to your system as your needs and the technology changes.

After all, it's your home. Our goal is to help you control it and enjoy it.

Whole House Audio

Have music readily available in a couple rooms, in every room in the house or even outdoors. Listen to different music in different areas simultaneously or the same music everywhere. Easily choose music from an iTunes library, iPod, Pandora Radio, Rhapsody, SirusXM or Internet radio stations. Whole house audio systems can be conveniently controlled through on-wall keypads or wirelessly with native touchscreens, iPads, iPhones, and other Smartphones.

Home Theater & Surround Sound

Turn a living room into a movie theater or sports arena with surround sound. Dedicate a room strictly for listening or create a true custom home theater. Many options are available. From architectural speakers that blend with their surroundings to speakers that are truly invisible.

Lighting Control & Automation Systems

Control every light from any switch in the house allowing for presets like Day, Night, House On & House Off with an automated lighting control system. Create ambiance and conserve energy. Eliminate the need for long banks of switches by consolidating them into one high style switch, adding to the decor of the home.

By automating your home lighting system, lights can be controlled from home or away through iPad's, iPhone's, other smartphones or a computer. New construction and retrofit systems are available. Home automation allows you to control & automate shades, thermostats, pumps or fountains based on time of day/year and outside temperature. Have generators automatically come on if power is lost. Provide extra security with home light pattern mimicking, creating the look of occupancy when no one is home.

Control access to gates and doors using a wireless keycard system, no fumbling with keys. Easily limit access of individual key cards by day & time for home staff.

Motorized Window Shading

Twist offers a large array of motorized window shades in a variety of styles, fabrics and materials. These systems can be controlled from a home automation system or be controlled independently.


Intercom Systems

Make a large residence easier to manage with intercom throughout the home, including door and gate stations.


Flat Screen Televisions

Choose wall-mounted flat screen televisions inside or purpose-built televisions for outdoors. Many architectural options are available from hiding screens behind motorized art to making them invisible behind a mirror when powered off.


HD-Video Distribution

Hide all your equipment—such as cable boxes, Blu-Rays, and video servers—in a closet out of sight. Watch the same program on multiple screens, eliminating the need for multiple cable boxes.


Camera Systems

State-of-the-art camera systems can record 24/7 and store the information at home or offsite for added security. These systems can be controlled and viewed on any television in the home or remotely with a computer, iPad, iPhone or other Smartphone.


Home Automation Control

For home control applications, Twist uses worldwide industry leaders Crestron, Control 4, Vantage and Universal Remote Control. Control everything in the home from simple-to-use interfaces. By simply pressing watch movie on a simple remote, the lights dim, the shades close, the TV and surround sound change to movie-mode, and the movie begins. Simplify an entertainment system by eliminating multiple remotes and replacing them with one intuitive, simple-to-use remote or custom-programmed touchscreen.

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Home Theater Installation and Home Automation
















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